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Intelligent and cost-effective design and management for your project

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Quadrant Design Architects Pty Ltd is an architectural and interior design firm of thirty years experience. Directors Tony Jackson (FDID RMIT, B-Arch RMIT) and Pam Jackson (FDID, B-Fine Arts RMIT) head up a dynamic team of architects and designers, with an outstanding and wide range of experience in residential, commercial and heritage projects.

We design renovations and extensions, new contemporary houses, home updates, offices, retail and public buildings. We also specialise in sensitive design for heritage overlays.

Our firm takes a collaborative approach to all projects, working closely with the client from the creation of the design brief, at every stage, through to the completion of the project.

Our role as Architects and Interior Designers is to fully explain the various forms and approaches that can be taken towards each project, with consideration to the client’s budget, time frame and unique requirements. Clarifying these aspects in the early stages helps the decision making process, creating a more comprehensive understanding of the project as it progresses. 

Tony Jackson - Director
Tony Jackson - Director
Pam Jackson - Director
Pam Jackson - Director
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Quadrant Design Architects aims to provide intelligent, creative and cost effective design and management for each project. The services that we provide can be all inclusive or tailored to your specific needs or requirements.

Services that we, as your architect can provide are as follows-

Quadrant Design Services

Initial Consultation

Initial consultation is free and covers listening to and discussing ideas and budget for your project. We work with you to formulate the initial design brief, thus ensuring that this will give you the most intelligent design, tailored to your lifestyle and needs.

Getting your brief right is vital to enable us to fully realise your project in a creative and practical manner.

The formulation of the design brief creates the basis for a fee proposal for the project.

Feasibility, Costs and Site Selection

As your Architect, our service includes assessing the feasibility of your brief, budget and site as to whether it is appropriate to your wants and needs and also to suggest alternative options to create the best outcome. We can also help find the ideal site for your project, should this be required.

Sketch Plan, Design Development and Contract Documentation

Sketch Plans are initially produced to explore the design options from the brief. Detailed design drawings are then developed to resolve structure, selection of materials and fittings, colour schemes and furniture designs. Depending on the nature of your project, Town Planning drawings may be required.

The next step for your project is the preparation of Contract Documentation drawings. These are used to obtain Building Permits, Planning Applications, invite Tenders and for use during construction. The contract drawings form final documentation and are very detailed to ensure minimum need for variations.

Tendering and Contract Administration

We provide independent advice on project contracts, tender process and negotiation. Assessment of tenders to ensure that comparisons are equitable and that a reasonable price range is obtained.

  • Liaison with builder, consultants and suppliers to assess quality at key stages and ensure compliance with contract and specifications
  • Liaison with client to clarify exceptions, stages and details
  • Building works administration
  • Progress updates
  • Variation approvals
  • Certify progress payments
  • Issuing of notice of practical completion when all work completed by builder in accordance with the contract and the project is fit for occupation
  • Quality assurance
  • Final certificate inspection during the defects liability period, when any unsatisfactory items are drawn to the builder’s attention. Under the terms of the contract, the builder remains liable to remedy defects in workmanship and materials which become apparent during this period

Understanding what architects offer

Registered Architects working in Victoria must have attained the necessary qualifications, completed practical experience and passed examination by the Architects Registration Board of Victoria. They are subject to the professional conduct regulations governing their service to clients. Quadrant Design Architects Pty Ltd is registered with the Architects Institute of Australia and is an APEC registered Architect.
As your Architect can oversee your project at all stages, from the dream to completion, and can offer the following services: feasibility, site selection, Town Planning applications, design including briefing, sketch and development, joinery details, Interior Design Services (refer below), 3D visualisations contract documentation including technical drawings and specifications to obtain a building permit, invite tenders for pricing; contract administration including builder liaison to assess work quality and contract compliance, client updates, variation approval, certification of progress payments, identification of defects and administration of rectification and decision on practical completion for occupancy.

Heritage and Conservation Projects

Quadrant Design offers specialist services in the heritage and conservation field. Our experience in this field ranges from imported iron cottages c 1847 to large mansions and restoration of country homesteads. Our principal Tony Jackson is recognised for his work in heritage projects and has a special interest in Melbourne’s diverse early architecture.

  • Sensitive restorations of heritage buildings including heritage-listed projects
  • Reinstatement and conservation related works
  • Co-ordination and liaison with heritage bodies
  • Reports and presentations

Interior Design

Our broad range of experience and fresh approach can create exciting and innovative environmental options, for commercial or domestic projects. This service can be offered independently from our architectural service.

We can offer:

  • Furniture design and layouts
  • Lighting layout
  • Materials selection and finishes
  • Colour schemes
  • Commercial interiors
  • Liaison with artists

Quadrant Design Project Management

Provides peace of mind with professional management

  • Independent advice on contractual matters
  • Liaison with client to clarify exceptions, stages and details
  • Liaison with builders suppliers and other related contractors tensure compliance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Identification and rectification of defects within liability period

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  • When we initially made enquiries about renovating our house, an Edwardian one, that had been modified in the 1960s, the only recommendation was to demolish and rebuild, which was not what we had intended to do with the house that had been in our family for 50 years. Luckily, we met Tony Jackson from Quadrant Design who was able to provide a more pleasing alternative: to keep our family home, renovating and restoring the Edwardian features of the existing house.

    From the start, Tony was full of enthusiasm and practical suggestions, which made us feel confident that we had made the right choice in engaging Quadrant Design. With their friendly, down to earth manner, Tony and his team made the planning process an enjoyable one. They were generous with their time, listening to what we wanted, presenting a variety of well thought out plan options, and ultimately designing the house we had envisaged. Thanks to Tony Jackson and his team, the family home is now a beautiful and elegant house which has received many compliments from family, friends, and complete strangers.

    L&LCoburg, Vic
  • Brad and I would like to share some awesome news with you, yesterday our beautiful home was sold at auction. It sold well above our expectations and to say we are over the moon with the result is total understatement!

    While there are many factors which contributed to this great result it mostly had to do with the great house that you guys designed and built for us- we are so grateful that we managed to engage inspiring, talented architects and such professional, high quality builders. During the campaign we had lots of positive comments about the renovation and the standard of finish. Thank you to you guys and your wonderful teams.

    Brad and RoseFitzroy North, Vic
  • I wish to compliment and thank you on the design, so many delightful features. It's attracting quite a lot of attention and looks superb from the beach road. The bungalow also is shaping up beautifully and looks quite charming. It's been a very enjoyable experience. The design also lends itself to some lovely choices, and character is reflected in every room. Well done!

    PMCSorrento, Vic
  • Quadrant Design from the start were able to comprehend our vision for our extension and take this concept through to the completed project. Their willingness to listen to our desires and concerns, explore the possibilities and present us with well thought out options resulted in the blending of our original house with the additional spaces we required, producing a home which we love living in and are proud to show off. We were seeking something more than a four walled extension and Quadrant achieved this beyond our expectations, incorporating some unique features and special touches that set our home above the norm. We found Tony and his team at Quadrant easy to work with and very enthusiastic in helping us get the home that we wanted.

    Peter and SheilaHawthorn, Vic
  • We recently engaged the services of Quadrant Design to create a new space for our growing family. This was a big project for us and we were looking for an architect with whom we could work closely to create our dream home. Quadrant Design was very skilled at bringing our ideas to life, exploring different options and most importantly keeping within our project budget. Whilst ensuring that our practical design needs were met with functionality, Quadrant Design created a space that is truly breathtaking, maximising our beautiful views. The design compliments our existing house and makes full use of natural light. Jono at Quadrant put his very best effort into our design. At one stage during construction he phoned us, saying he had a sleepless night thinking about the design of our roof. He had been thinking that a tapered roof would look even better, which we agreed and once it was completed realised that it was a very smart, creative and relatively inexpensive variation to our plan. We would highly recommend Quadrant Design to anyone looking for an architectural firm that is creative, efficient and goes the extra mile to ensure that the project is the best that it can be.

    David Titherley & Monica HartLindisfarne, Tasmania
  • I had been wanting to build an extension which would create a large modern living space in my 1930's house for several years, but two previous architects had said it was too hard and couldn't be done. Quadrant had a fresh approach and a "can-do" attitude, and was able to design a superb modern extension which addressed all my requirements. Quadrant also managed the project, contracting a builder who was prepared to think outside the box and incorporate some innovative design features, whilst dealing seamlessly with the inevitable unexpected quirks within the existing building. My visitors are astounded by the enormous two-storey window in the stairwell, the use of feature lighting, and the clever design of the project. Quadrant has created a magnificent living space which brings my home into the 21st century, without changing the ambience of the old house.

    M WNew Town, Tasmania
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